Sunday, March 20, 2011

What makes the Team Building Project different from other 'Team Building' systems?

The concept of pre-building a downline and then inserting that downline into multiple network marketing opportunities has been around since the 1980's. However, previous attempts have all failed because they focused on generating massive profits for the few select founders in the short-run, rather than on the long-term financial success of the entire team. In addition, they aligned themselves with companies that focused on short-term distributor sign-up revenues rather than long-term residual income derived from actually selling products and services to consumers.
The Team Building Project takes a totally different approach that focuses on the long-term success of all existing and future TBP partners.

Difference #1
The Team Building Project will offer a select few business opportunities to TBP partners. Each opportunity will will represent a unique market segment so that there is no overlap of products/services among TBP partner business opportunities. The market opportunities that may eventually be available to TBP partners are:
  • Nutritional Products
  • Personal Care Products
  • Internet Services
  • Utilities (Gas & Electric)
  • Travel
  • Home Care Products
In the past, team building systems failed because they promoted multiple (dozens) of business opportunities to their members. They even promoted multiple business opportunities within the same market vertical, resulting in product and service overlaps. This was a formula that guaranteed failure!
The Team Building Project will focus on a select few business opportunities, representing distinct and unique market verticals. In addition, the selected business opportunities will focus on generating long-term residual income from product or service sales volume as apposed to short-term distributor sign-up bonuses. Ideally, the selected companies will provide a mix of both short and long-term income opportunities, with the primary focus being on selling products to consumers.
The Team Building Project will apply very strict selection criteria (in addition to direct discussion with companies) to ensure the business opportunities selected offer the best long-term chance of success for existing and future TBP partners.

Difference #2
Unlike other team building programs, each TBP partner will have full control over which business opportunity they want to join and when they want to join it. You are not forced into joining a business opportunity, but rather you are given a complete access to  TBP research on each company and allowed to make your own decision on if and when to join.

Difference #3
The Team Building Project qualification criteria will help to ensure TBP partners commit the time and effort to pre-position themselves for success. These qualifications must be met to be qualified to join any of the selected business opportunities.
To be a Qualified Team Building Project partner:
  1. You must personally sponsor a minimum of two (2) Team Building Project partners.
  2. You must be a Team Building Project partner for a minimum of sixty (60) days.
The above qualifications will not guarantee your success, but they will definitely increase your chance at long-term success!

Difference #4
The Team Building Project Feeder System is a powerful and unique way to continue building your Team Building Project organization AND your monthly income for the rest of your life! How does it work?
  • You continue promoting and using the Team Building Project system to build your team. There's no need to promote any specific business opportunities.
  • Each new partner that enters your Team Building Project downline (whether recruited by you or someone else in your downline) will begin promoting the Team Building Project and building their team as well.
  • Every partner in your downline that meets the eligibility criteria, can then join any or all of TBP business opportunity partners. Once a Team Building Project partner joins one of partner companies, every partner in their upline will receive immediate notice via e-mail and back office message system.
The Team Building Project completely eliminates the question of "What happens to the last person to sign up?", by giving everyone a fair chance at pre-building a large organization to position themselves for success; immediate and long-term success!

Difference #5
The Team Building Project provides each TBP partner with a world-class proprietary platform for building a global distribution network (Absolutely FREE!).
TBP are not a network marketing (MLM) company nor do compete with any network marketing companies. TBP do not charge you to join and use TBP system, that would be counter productive. One of TBP primary goals is to remove as many obstacles as possible (including monthly fees) making it possible for you to actually build your team and position yourself for long-term financial success.

That's a major difference between the Team Building Project and many other 'team building' systems!

Steps to Success with The Team Building Project


Step 1: Reserve Your Position
           *Sign up is free and anyone can join!

Step 2: Build Your Team
           *No Attending business opportunity meetings.
           *No Listening to opportunity conference calls.
           *No Annoying your friends and family members.

Step 3: Select Business Opportunity
           *Expert research and analysis completed for you.
           *Best business opportunities presented.

Step 4: Join Selected Business Opportunity
           *Earn immediate and monthly residual income!
           *Watch your income continue to grow.
 with 20,000 members and growing! available in 105 countries!

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